Southern Brazilian Highlands

By Daniel Nordstrom



1.  Maps of South America

a.     Regions of South America

b.    Physical Map of South America and Brazilian Highlands

c.     Highland Regions of South America

2.  Maps of Brazil

a.     Topographic Map of Brazil

b.    Brazilian States

3.  Climate and Vegetation zones in Brazil

a. Climate Zones

b. Natural Vegetation


1.  Maps of South America


a.   Regions of South America

This map shows some of the major regions of South America. The Brazilian highlands lay along the Atlantic Coast of Brazil. They cover a large portion of the South East of Brazil. To the North of the highlands is the Amazon basin and to the south is the Pampas.

b.   Physical Map of South America and Brazilian Highlands

This is a physical map of all of South America. It identifies heights in elevation using different colors. It shows that the Brazilian highlands have a height from about 500 to 1000 meters. The highest areas of the highlands follow the escarpment along the South and East. The map also shows the height of the highlands in comparison to other areas in South America. The outskirts of the Andes and the Guyana highlands share a height that is similar with that of Brazilís highlands.

c. Highland Regions of South America:

This map shows the highland regions of South America. The Brazilian Highlands are clearly shown. The boarder of the highlands in this map differs with that of other maps but the general region of the highlands is the same.


2.  Maps of Brazil


a.   Topographic Map of Brazil:

This topographic map of Brazil clearly shows the topography of the Southern Brazilian highlands. It also shows the Sao Francisco River that runs north to South through the highlands.

b.   Brazilian States:

This map identifies the regions and states that make up Brazil. The Brazilian highlands mainly occupy Region Sul and Region Sudeste. The highlands also extend into other neighboring regions and states.



3.  Climate and Vegetation zones in Brazil


a.     Climate Zones:

This map shows the different climate zones in South America and Brazil. The highlands are not clearly marked on this map. However you can see where they are by referencing the boarders, oceans and latitudes. The southern most of the highlands lie in a temperate humid climate. To the North the highlands are mostly in a tropical wet and dry climate.

b.    Natural Vegetation:

This map shows the natural vegetation that covers Brazil. The highlands are covered with tropical rainforests, Parana pine forests, and grassland in the southernmost tip.