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  1. Physical Environment
  2. Weather & Climate
  3. Human Environment
  4. Road maps
  5. City Maps
  6. Urban Transportation Maps
  7. Tourist sites

1 Physical Environment

Physical Map of Nepal


Nepal is a landlocked country between China and India. Even though Nepal holds 8 of the world’s tallest peaks, much of the country’s elevation is between 1000 to 2000m, with the lower Tarai Region near the Indian Border the elevation ranges from 0 to 1000m as can be seen in this map.

Global Roam- Nepal Topographic

topograph nepal.jpg 

 Many of the most populated cities in Nepal are in the Hills region of the country. This region ranges from 1000 to 3000m and covers more than half of Nepal.

Nepal Physical Map


This map shows the fourteen different zones of Nepal. Zones can be related to states like in America. Kathmandu (Nepal’s capitol and most populous city) is in the Baghmati Zone. (Zone 10 in this map).


2 Weather & Climate

Nepal Precipitation Map


The darker blue that shows, the more annual rainfall occurs. Like most of the rest of South East Asia, Nepal has a monsoonal calendar. This means that from June to around August is when Nepal gets most of its rainfall, otherwise it is pretty dry for the rest of the year.


World Climate Map


        As you can see in the map that Nepal falls into the Monsoon Climate for the most part, but also dabbles in the Alpine Climate. Its lower elevations in the Tarai and Hills regions would be considered the Monsoon Climate, where the Mountainous region would have the Alpine Climate. Nepal Weather Map

kathmandu weather map.png

This is a detailed map showing real-time illustrations of the current cloud height in Nepal as of June 11, 2010. If you click on the link or on the map itself, you can see an actual interactive map of Nepal in real time.     


3 Human Environment

Kathmandu International and National Flights


Shows the direct international flights to and from Kathmandu (thus the Tribhuvan International Airport). This map is a good reminder of Nepal’s largest trade unions (between certain countries and their cities).


nepal airport.gif

This map shows the flights between airports, with Kathmandu being the most used and often the center hub of Nepalese air travel. Also it is interesting to see the seasonal airports v. the all weather airports. Often the seasonal airports are those in the mountains.


 Nepal Travel Caution Districts as of Dec 2003

nepal caution.gif 

This map may be a little outdated, but it is interesting to see the highest travel warnings within Nepal and where they are located. Regions like Gorkha and Taplejung seem to be high on the list of places to stay clear of for tourists.

Nepal Government v. Maoist Control

govt v moaists control.jpg

In and around Kathmandu, where most travelers tend to flock, is mostly government controlled with little Maoist activity. One of the biggest issues in Nepal today, is the presence of Maoist ‘rebels’ in the country. From anyone I have talked to, the Maoists are referred to in the negative sense (actually any time I bring up the Maoist Movement, I get yelled at and then there is a negative tension in the room).

4 Road Maps

Kathmandu Road Map

kathmandu road.gif

This is a decent example of a tourist roadmap, complete with all the things useful for this American tourist (I’d assume this map aims at American, because in the lower left corner it feel the need to represent the US Aid center). All the necessary ingredients are present: airport, hotels, hospitals, “Points of interest,” and other embassies.

Nepal Entry by Land Map


 There are two main highways in Nepal, the southern highway (Mahendra) which travels from Mahendraga in the west to Kakarbhitta in the east, and the highway that connects Pokhara to Kathmandu (Prithvi). This map also shows the specific points of entry into Nepal from both India and China.

Bhaktapur Road Map


In a city near Kathmandu, Nepal, Bhaktapur is an ancient Newar town and is the third largest city in the Kathmandu Valley. This rough rendition of a road map shows useful directions to area attractions, including Barahi Temple in the south and the area bus parks. This map could be used as a review, before a trip to Bhaktapur, but I wouldn’t use it on a ground level.

5 City Maps

Pokhara, Nepal City Map


In Pokhara, one of Nepal’s most landscape-beautiful regions, the elongated city folds around its prized asset, Phewa Lake. The map itself looks a bit hand-drawn, except for the somewhat generic outline grid. Another feature of Pokhara is the Bindabasini Temple (labeled as Tibetan Temple in the map), which is the center for religious activity in the old bazaar area.

Kathmandu Palace District


One of Kathmandu’s hottest tourists’ spots would have to be Durbar Square, this particular area lies in the prestigious Palace District. Durbar Square is the largest palace square in all of Kathmandu Valley.

Everest Base Camp Map


To some, the Mount Everest Base Camp is its own little city. Just like in normal society, the camping spots tend to surround the bodies of water, like the rivers and lakes. The Island Peak and the Gokyo Peak seem to be the only mountains with Trekking Trails marked out for them.

6 Urban Transportation

Kathmandu Bus/Microbus Map


 Patan and Kathmandu are joining cities, like Omaha and Ralston, Nebraska. This map would be useful for the bus line, but as said in the links page, the microbuses are often changing and the microbus numbers are often changing routes.

Google Maps-Car Rentals in Kathmandu

car rental kathmandu.png 

Taken from Google Maps, these are where the car rental services are located near the city center in Kathmandu. Most cars are manual transmission and the driver’s seat is on the right side of the car. I would recommend paying extra for the automatic transmission, because the left hand stick shift can be a little awkward. Be sure to call ahead to see which shops have automatic cars.

Google Maps Bicycle Rental Kathmandu

bike rental ktm.png

One of my favorite ways to see a new city is by bicycle, and here provided by Google Maps are the bike rental services located near the city center of Kathmandu.

7 Tourist Sites

Nepal National Parks


.For hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alone, Nepal’s National Parks are reason alone to visit the country. The Royal Chitwan National Park, probably Nepal’s most prominent national park, with rhinoceroses, leopards, and sloth bears.

Detailed Everest Climb Map


  Sometimes trekkers will take the Chinese route to save on the high trekking costs on the Nepal side up to Mount Everest. If trekking is your thing and Everest is your goal, the Chinese route is well worth your consideration.

Rafting-Nepal River Map


With the vast river system throughout Nepal, white-water-rafting is a very popular outdoor activity. Most of these rivers start as the runoff from the mountains of the Himalayas, so if for heavier waters; rafters tend towards closer to the mountains.


Submitted by Jacob Chadwick on June 4, 2010.