Petr Pavlínek

Petr Pavlínek's research and writing deal primarily with two broad areas of geography. First, he is interested in the geographical and environmental implications of current global restructuring at different geographical scales. In this area, his research has focused on geographical and environmental effects of post-socialist transformations in Central and Eastern Europe and in Czechia and Slovakia in particular. Second, he is interested in theoretical approaches toward transformation and restructuring and their geographical effects. He has written on the political economy of the environment in Central and Eastern Europe, automotive industry restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe, and on regional effects of foreign direct investment in Central Europe. He is currently working on a research project dealing with regional development implications of the automotive industry restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe, with a specific focus on the Czech automotive industry. Petr is teaching a number of human geography classes at the Department of Geography and Geology, including economic geography, geography of economic globalization, political geography and regional courses. He also leads graduate seminars in economic geography and global political economy.